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Landscape Design

Janet's revamp garden 2023.jpg

Jen’s Garden Solutions designs begin with a site visit, a client discussion and a determination of lifestyle needs and habits to develop an understanding of each client’s level of horticultural knowledge and desire to maintain their landscape. Jen will take this all into consideration to create a tailor-made garden space. Her specialty is gardens that support ecological biodiversity while combining native and non-native plants beautifully. As trends change in the climate, it’s important to develop gardens which are sustainable and which address challenges such as water diversion and soil erosion.

Jen takes the time to explain how to achieve ‘low maintenance’ gardens through careful plant selection - right plant, right place - and the key role native species play in garden installations which will save her clients money in the long-run and support the environment. She is happy to coordinate garden installation and develop maintenance plans to keep the gardens looking fresh. Whether you require a simple DIY plan or something more detailed to include hardscape and decorative elements into your landscape, Jen’s Garden
Services can provide the design and direction you need to create a garden that will thrive for years to come. No matter where you live, technology bridges the distance to allow Jen to create
a design for you locally or remotely.

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