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We all have a vision for our garden spaces. Whether it is creating a brand new landscape or rejuvenating an established one, Jen’s Garden Solutions will work with you to make your garden dreams a reality. Jen will walk your property with you, listen to your ideas and determine your site’s characteristics, strengths and challenges. She can consult on the health of your existing plants and trees and advise you on next steps. Maybe you simply wish to have some coaching as a first time vegetable gardener or learn to identify plants in your garden and how to look after them properly. Perhaps you are ready to dive into the world of native species and need help getting started. Whatever your gardening goals, Jen’s horticultural expertise can help you achieve them. Feel free to take notes as you walk or record the conversation so you can refer to it later. Planning is key to realizing your vision whether you are doing the work yourself or thinking about hiring a professional. Jen’s Garden Solutions will assist you in making that informed decision and accelerating the realization of those goals.

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