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What can a Horticultural Consultant do for Me?

The green space around your business or home is important for the well-being of you, your employees, your family, and the earth. How you create or manage your garden areas has a great impact on the environment. As a Horticulturist I am knowledgeable in how plants grow, how soil and climate affects them, what pests and diseases make them susceptible to failure and how weather changes are molding the faces of our gardens. I will address the best way to support and maintain your property while working with nature and becoming a piece of the greater puzzle. I will explain the importance of incorporating trees, plants, flowers and grasses native to your region to create an ecological balance which supports biodiversity and sustainability. I will assess your property and concerns, provide feedback and direction to help achieve an eco-supportive solution, create a design and plan to help you to reach a state of environmental stewardship, all while hosting a beautiful landscape.

Working with a Horticulturist is an investment in the future.

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